Shoe samples manufacturing for brand JOHN FOOS

Shoe samples manufacturing for brand JOHN FOOS

We are honored to obtain a great opportunity to prepare production samples for a well-known Argentinian footwear brand JOHN FOOS. JOHN FOOS is a big traditional company with a long history of manufacturing and selling shoes in Latin America. The JOHN FOOS brand was founded in 1966 and since that time they have been providing different styles of footwear to Latin American youngsters. You can learn more about JOHN FOOS spectacular history on their webpage (

Prepared samples for John Foos shoe brand.

John Foos provided us with different samples of molds and ask us to prepare four samples. We prepared 4 upper of the shoe for cold molding processing and 4 vulcanized shoes with 2 different manufacturing processes according to the technical sheet.

Part of the material provided by John Foos in order to develop production samples.

First we prepared a list of factories which might be suitable for manufacturing in different Chinese provinces. Then we visited one by one all factories in our list and selected one which seemed to be the best equipped one in terms of technology and had vast experience with international customers. The factory manufactures shoes for international well-known brands like Benetton and Vans. We prepared a detailed report and gave it to John Foos in order to evaluate the chosen factory quality. Once approved by John Foos management, we started to manufacture samples.

On the picture below you can see the original samples provided by John Foos always on the left side and samples made in China on the right side. We used materials as similar as possible however, to reach the exact same model some materials would need to be made during production because they can not be found on stock.

Shoe upper manufactured in China by CTS.

On the picture below you can see the shoes samples in comparison to original samples provided by JOHN FOOS. Original samples are always placed on the left side while shoes made in China are placed on the right side. We payed special attention to the 3D printing in the leather that was a major concern and requirement of JOHN FOOS.

Shoe manufactured in China by CTS according to shoe upper provided by JOHN FOOS company.

Two of the vulcanized samples were used with the same manufacturing method as Vans and the other two with another process that is the one that John Foos uses in their factory. All samples were of great quality.

Samples were sent at the end of October and since that time a very detailed report was elaborated by John Foos engineers. There are some minor changes to be made in some of the samples but we hope to start manufacturing soon.

We hope to develop a strong and trustful relation with John Foos and became their partner in China.

Four pairs of shoes manufactured in China as a production sample.

Would you like to manufacture vulcanized or cold molded shoes in China with us? We have the experience and capacity to produce the best shoes. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!