Prices and Quotations


There are no prices in our product catalogue. Our catalogue is in fact an electronic showroom of products we have already manufactured. In order to give you an accurate quotation we need to receive more information.

1) What would be the quantity per color and total quantity of your order?

2) What INCOTERMS do you intend to use? Please let us know so we can prepare quotation accordingly.

3) Do you like our designs but you want to make some changes (in materials, padding, add o remove hood, add or remove applique)? Send us your technical specification and we will provide quotation. Do you have your own sample and you would like to manufacture the product accordingly? Send us the sample and we provide you with quotation.

4) Do you plan to print/sew/stick your logo on the clothes? How big and complicated is your logo? How many times would you like it to appear on the clothes?

5) How many sizes do you need per style and color?

 This information does not need to be perfect, just a rough idea in order to be able to give a quotation
Garment manufacturing in China CTS

Be noted that every single quotation can be modified and adjust according to you budget. There are many options and alternatives how to make any kind of garment more affordable or of better quality. Different shell, padding and lining materials have different prices.

You can also opt for the possibility to join any recurring manufacturing for different client. This would allow you to produce lower quantity but you would have only a limited amount of styles and colors to select from.

List of manufacturing alternatives. Garment manufacturing in China.