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Spring/Summer Clothes Collection Manufacturing

Hi everybody!

We have added quite a few spring/summer designs to our catalogue. All those unique jean skirts, shorts and purses could have your brand in next collection!

All of our products could be customized the way they fit your brand requirements! Do you have your own designs? Would you like to manufacture your next collection in China? Get in touch with us!




All displayed products with more photos and details about materials could be find in our catalogue!



Catalogue > Women > Skirts OR Catalogue > Other products > Purses

Outdoor Garment Manufacturing,

Outdoor Garment Manufacturing

Hi everyone!

We are very happy to introduce our new products! As always all of our design could be changed and customized exactly according to your requirements in order to fit your brand standards.

Don’t you like the colors? No problem for us. Choose any color you like from Pantone TPX and we take care of the manufacturing process.

Don’t you like the materials? All used materials are interchangeable. We can use any materials or technologies you desire.

Would you like to add some handy pockets, zippers or hoodie? It’s easy for us! Just offer us design technical specification and we will prepare a quotation for you.

Our designs are not exactly what you are looking for? With complete information about your desired product we can manufacture any kind of clothes.

Outdoor products made in China with CTS

You can find backpacks, windbreakers, trousers, jackets, shirts and many other products in our catalogue. Check it out!

Customized Outdoor Products Made in China with CTS

 Please see our catalogue for more details about all designs displayed in this post. Contact us to get your quotation!

Female Fashion Manufacturing

Great designs for her! We can manufacture jeans skirts, trousers, shorts and jackets of all styles.

We have prepared many different jeans designs for you to check and order some on time to complement your summer collection 2017!

 We can manufacture any kind of jean clothes. Any kind of applique would not be a problem for us! Do you like sewed decoration? Do you like small sparkling stones decoration? Do you prefer batches or drawings? Just send us your designs and we will prepare you a sample.

 We accept technical specification of your desired garment designs. Send them to us and we will give you a price quotation. Do not forget to specify all details as total order quantity, composition, color variations and incoterms. All of our designs could have your brand logo! Manufacturing minimum quantity of all below displayed clothes vary from 500 to 1000 pieces. Check out our catalogue for more products!

Customized skirts made in China with CTS


Skirts and jeans by CTS, Garment manufacturing in China


 Don’t you like our designs? Send us yours and we will manufacture them  according to your requirements.  In case of any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Sweater, garment manufacturing in China, customized pullovers and sweaters

Sweaters Manufacturing

 We added new samples of sweaters to our catalog!

 You can check out our fresh products in our catalogue right now. We added several pullovers for man, woman and children. We try to get as diverse options as possible in order to offer you a wide range of products we can manufacture for your brand here in China. Hopefully this way it would be easier for you to decide what pullover would be the best fit for your next fashion collection.

 Minimum manufacturing quantity is quite small in case of sweaters. Only 50 pieces per size with a minimum total order of  300 pieces.

 You can choose natural materials as cotton, wool, linen cashmere and silk OR you can opt for synthetic material as nylon, polyester, acrylic, viscose and others. Obviously any mixture of previously mentioned materials is possible. Each material has its own characteristics.

Sweater Manufacturing in China with CTS

A (50% wool, 45% viscose, 5% cashmere), B (78% viscose, 22% polyester),

C (40% viscose, 32% linen, 28% cotton), D (71% linen, 5% polyester, 24% polyamide)

 Any kind of applique is possible. Applique or batch could be designed by you or we can help you out.

Sweater Made in China by CTS, customized products that can fit your brand's standardSweater with Batches made in China by CTS, Customized Sweaters

 In addition to sweaters of any kind we can also manufacture autumn/winter dresses and skirt, T-shirts, scarfs and winter hats.

Pullover made in China according to customers requirements by CTS Customized Sweater Dress Made by CTS in ChinaCustomized Sweaters made in China by CTS

 Sweater could be a great company for any outfit during any season. So, add a few pieces into your next collection.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!