About Us


CTS (China Trading Company) is an international company with professional and dedicated stuff with plenty of experience with garment manufacturing in China. We have been manufacturing garment in China for nearly 10 years. We are fluent in Chinese language, culture and negotiations techniques.

We have offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires (Argentina) where our showroom is located as well. We are proud member of Argentina-China Commerce Chamber. We are a member of large company integration which help us in providing the world-level service for those who decide to manufacture garment for their textile brands in China.

Thanks to many years of hard work and dedication we count with a flexible structure and high quality material suppliers. Being able to combine the best raw material suppliers with factories and use their service only for the manufacturing process that they are best at (and more cost effective) allows us to offer the best prices and quality to our customers that want to manufacture in China without inconvenience and troubles. Check out our product catalog.

We understand that many customers wish  to keep on working with their current factories but at the same time they are experiencing problems in communication, time difference and problems with different perception of quality. That’s why we can offer you our service in managing the garment manufacturing. According to our experience we can help you to increase  efficiency and even decrease prices. With our manufacturing service in China the whole process will seem more pleasant and convenient.

CTS has offices in Hong Kong and Mainland China, factories in Mainland China and showroom in Buenos Aires

Many companies that moved their production capacities to China had many communication problems. We can eliminate all of these problems. Our goal is for you to focus on selling and building your brand while we focus on giving you the best product.


We count with a long list of  Chinese factories that manufacture garment for different international brands. We mostly work with large highly specialized companies that use advanced technologies and are capable of using all kinds of materials.

We separate different stages of garment manufacture (materials, labels, packaging, labour force). This way we can optimize the process, increase efficiency and decrease costs.


CTS cooperates mainly with big factories with the best technologies