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    Check our latest contributions to our catalogue! Jean products and purse manufacturing in China. Choose the best jean skirts, trousers and shorts. Visit our BLOG.
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    We can fabricate outdoor garment according to your requirements. We have trousers, jackets, gloves, backpacks, shirts and many more. We can use any materials and any technology.
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    Check out our catalog full of our designs. You will find clothes for man, woman, children and many accessories as well. All of our designs can be customized. All of our designs can have your brand‘s logo.
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    We have nearly 10 years of experience with garment manufacturing in China. We can take care of your manufacturing process while you focus on selling. Fabricate garment without unexpected troubles and inconvenience was never easier!
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    We can offer the best quality clothes with the most affordable prices. We will solve all problems before they even appear. No more unwanted designs, no more manufacturing mistakes.
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Garment Manufacturing

Right product search, material purchase, price and condition negotiation, constant control throughout the manufacturing process and final product quality check. We provide high quality products at an affordable price. Start or improve your own brand was never easier!

Manufacturing Management

We offer an option to cooperate with your current manufacturer without stress, language barrier and time difference. Constant control through manufacturing process, production samples consolidating, daily communication, document handling and if required final production quality control.

Quality Control

Final production quality control, production consolidation, control and shipment of production samples. We thoroughly check product according to your parameters and requirements. We will become your eyes in China!


We can manage international shipments to any part of the world. We can also help you to organize local product and sample transportation. We can provide you with EXW, FOB or even DDP prices to certain countries.


We cooperate with many well-known international brands as PIOPPA, BENSIMON, OCBAN, JOHN FOOS, PLEGARIA and many others.

Winter 2017 manufacturing

Hi everybody! The first thing we would like to do in new lunar year is to introduce a few of our last year projects. All these projects were finished just before the beginning of Chinese New Year celebration (the end of January 2017). Exclusive down vests and jackets manufacturing order

Chinese New Year

Hi everybody! Chinese New Year celebrations will start next week! Lunar year 2016 is about to end. Soon monkey will be replaced by rooster and lunar year 2017 will start. In China many people work far from their province of origin. Chinese New Year is the time for them to

2016 Manufacturing projects 1/2

Hi everyone! We have added “Our Project” section to our webpage! For now only a few project from the second part of 2016 are displayed. We are very busy right now as we have many project deadlines right before Chinese New Year. Soon we will add more projects with even